Wedding Gift Etiquette FAQs

Stressing over wedding registry etiquette? Worried about how to ask for cash instead of gifts? No need! We've got all the answers to your top questions on wedding gift etiquette right here. Simply click on any question below to get started. And if you've got more questions after that, feel free to reach out to us!


You Have Questions; We Have Answers

  1. Are guests expected to give us a gift?

    Get ready for a big surprise: According to traditional American etiquette, gifts of any kind should never be expected. It’s important to remember that the decision to give a gift should always be voluntary. Making it clear that your guests' presence at the event is more valuable than their presents can be a thoughtful way to communicate this perspective. This approach not only respects the tradition but also acknowledges the diverse practices of all attendees, ensuring everyone feels comfortable and appreciated.

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  2. Are we expected to have a wedding registry? What if we don't want gifts?

    You might be thinking, "If gifts aren’t required, why should we go to the trouble of creating a registry?" Simply put, it's a courtesy to your guests. Your registry makes it easier for them to pick out something they know you'll love if they feel inclined to get you a gift. If you need help figuring out what to add, read our tips for creating a great wedding registry.

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  3. Is asking for cash gifts or money gifts acceptable etiquette?

    Though traditionally discouraged in American etiquette, honeymoon registries and cash registries are much more common these days.

    Platforms like Honeyfund allow guests to contribute towards your honeymoon, a home down payment, or anything else you are saving for. This creates a sense of involvement in something meaningful and personally significant for your guest, rather than gifting you cash.

    Learn more about how to ask for cash instead of gifts.

    Learn more about Wedding Gift Etiquette.

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  4. Who should pay the transaction fee on a cash gift?

    We strongly believe that guests should never pay a transaction fee when they’re generously giving you cash gifts. Unfortunately, this is common on most registry sites. Some cash registry sites even justify their high fees by claiming they’re lower than the taxes and gift wrapping costs associated with a traditional gift.

    This may be true, but we still find it uncomfortable to charge someone to give you money. That’s why Honeyfund is proud to be the only fee-free cash registry. With the Honeyfund Wallet, you have the freedom to choose how and when to redeem your funds. Couples can redeem funds through a combination of PayPal, Venmo, and nearly 200 popular gift card brands all with NO FEES!*

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  5. Is it proper etiquette to announce our registry in our wedding invitation?

    Traditional registry etiquette generally advises against directly mentioning your registry details on your invitations. Instead, many couples choose to include a registry card along with their invitation. This card might specify the places where you're registered or simply feature a URL to your wedding website, where guests can easily find more information. These registry cards can be printed directly from your Honeyfund account!

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  6. What if we don't have a wedding website?

    Did you know your Honeyfund can function as both your registry and wedding website? Keep your guests in the know by adding your wedding information, guest accommodations, and honeymoon plans to your page. With over 60 custom designs, styles, fonts, and colors, you’ll be able to design a wedding website that is uniquely yours.

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  7. How should we spread the word about our honeymoon registry or cash gift registry?

    Incorporating your registry into your wedding website has quickly become one of the easiest ways of sharing your honeymoon registry or cash gift registry. Honeyfund also offers convenient sharing tools like printable invitation inserts, QR codes, and even email or social media sharing directly in your Honeyfund account. Learn more about registry sharing etiquette.

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  8. Do we still need a traditional wedding gift registry?

    We recommend you create at least one conventional gift registry for the traditionalists on your guest list. This is especially beneficial for the bridal shower, where gift-giving is customary. This ensures your guests have a way to choose from a wide range of things they know you'll like.

    Note: There's one more benefit of a traditional registry: Many department stores entice you to "complete" your registry after your wedding by offering you up to 20% off remaining items. So if there is anything you've been eyeing for your home, put it on your wedding registry. If no one purchases it, you can get it later at a discount.

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  9. Where can I get more info about wedding gift etiquette?